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During the final two years of her BA LLB degrees, Babette became obsessed with bread baking and often found herself baking through the night. After graduating, Babette decided to trade law for bread baking and travelled to Vermont, USA to apprentice with French Master Baker Gerard Rubaud. The apprenticeship involved the learning of old school artisan bread baking techniques as well as the cultivation and maintaining of a traditional Levain. Babette brought her sourdough culture "Maggie" back to SA and uses it to bake fresh sourdough loaves every week.


Babette offers bread workshops to beginner, intermediate and advanced bakers. She believes in creating bread from carefully selected and locally sourced stoneground flour, water, sea salt and yeast (or 100% sourdough). The dough should be given a long and slow fermentation time (rising time), which will result in bread with a moist crumb, chewy crust and depth of flavour.

Babette's 100% Sourdough contains no commercial yeast. The slow fermentation process assists in the breaking-down of the gluten, making the bread very easy to digest.

Babette also offers specialised training and advice in her capacity as a baking consultant.

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